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Affiliated Companies


African Alliance has several operating subsidiary companies, and we aggressively seek new opportunities outside our core investment banking sphere.

Our philosophy on identifying and building companies is:

  1. Synergies in the physical space we operate in

  2. Thematic – what Africa needs and what Africa can provide the world – energy, financial services, minerals

  3. We build them, manage them and control them

  4. Long-term assets with own teams, brand and autonomy

We develop companies to be viable and sustainable in the long term, with their own visions and objectives that are achieved through a mix of global best practice and solutions unique to our operating environment. For general queries or proposals on the group’s affiliated companies, please contact us.

Select Africa

Select Africa

Select Africa Limited, a subsidiary of African Alliance Group, was established in 2001 as a holding company for a number of subsidiaries based in various African countries.

Its business focus is to provide Africa’s vast untapped retail financial markets with personal loans, savings products and insurance policies. While Select Africa is a 100% subsidiary of the African Alliance Group, it operates autonomously with its own teams, branding and risk management. At present, its operating environment includes southern and east Africa.

Select Africa has a unique business model, focused on providing affordable financial services products to the lower end of the market, particularly in segments previously neglected by the traditional banking sector. Its business success is based on a model that revolves around product affordability, innovative design (to meet market needs), extensive use of technology (to meet client needs) and affordability on the part of clients. Select Africa benefits from the African Alliance product range and flexibility to ensure its clients have access to affordable savings products in the form of unit trusts, innovative loan products previously inaccessible to the target market, and supporting insurance products (short and long term). The product range is dynamic and Select Africa teams pride themselves on being attentive to market needs.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Pivot Limited

Pivot Limited provides third-party administration services to the financial industry in Africa and internationally, offering both credit and investment administration services.

Pivot offers the following services:

Credit administration services

This team delivers credit and loan-book administration and software solutions for the entire credit operations and accounting back office. Services include loan origination, collections, client reports and IFRS financial statements and management reports.

Investment management

This team delivers asset management back-office administration and software solutions including IFRS financial statements and management reports.


Financial management

This team delivers financial management services at group level. Services include budgeting, group consolidation, treasury management, taxation services and financial reporting.

Pivot Limited
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