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About Advisory

African Alliance Capital is the investment banking division of the African Alliance Group.

We provide local and on-the-ground investment banking services across the African continent. Our clients include national governments, municipalities, parastatals, pension funds and large to medium-sized public and private companies.

We benchmark ourselves against the highest international standards. We are driven by results and add real value by drawing on our collective strengths and experience in:

  • Capital raising

  • Corporate finance

  • Advisory services

  • Privatisation

  • Debt issuance

  • Debt restructuring

In each of the countries where we operate, our involvement is long term and we are committed to the sustained development of those economies. We seek to assist in deepening and advancing their capital markets and, where necessary, challenge the legislative environment to promote greater investor opportunities and protection.

We occupy actual, rather than virtual, offices, employing and training resident staff. Our policies on staff development and training enhance skills levels in these countries and we develop, implement and invest in systems aimed at conducting business more effectively and professionally.

About Advisory


In this new century, it is those who best manage change who will survive and prosper.

Success belongs to those who identify and capitalise on the opportunities surrounding them – precisely the environment where African Alliance Capital operates. Our unique philosophy is aimed at providing our clients with the most suitable skills and services, using on-the-ground professionals, experienced in local, African and international markets.

We embrace an entrepreneurial culture that continually seeks improvement and innovation. We operate as a cohesive unit, driven by discipline and passion. By pooling the intellect, experience and energies of our handpicked professional teams, we generate and implement new ideas. Value enhancement and delivery are our key drivers.

While regional staff are employed in their country of origin, they may be deployed to other regions as required. This gives our staff greater exposure, and better equips them to fulfil our clients' needs.

Client relationships

We develop long-term client relationships based on trust, delivery and service excellence.

We believe in listening to the client, as understanding each client's specific business and transactional needs is integral to delivering world-class investment banking services.

Our clients choose to use African Alliance Capital because:

  • We are part of the national business culture

  • We have a physical presence

  • We employ resident staff with local knowledge and experience

  • We focus on delivery and service.

Risk mitigation and value enhancement

Our primary role in any transaction is to mitigate risk and enhance value. Our processes, experience and on-the-ground teams enable us to effectively manage the risks inherent in all financial transactions. We seek to enhance shareholder value through our involvement in any transaction, leaving the business in a sounder financial position and more able to compete in its economic environment.

Client relationships

Service offering

African Alliance Capital is active in the following areas of investment banking:

  • Capital raising - Initial public offers, equity issues and private placements

  • Corporate finance - Mergers and acquisitions, disposals, leveraged transactions and management buy-outs and buy-ins

  • Advisory services - Restructuring, project evaluation and valuations

  • Privatisation - Acquisitor sourcing, transaction management and funding

  • Debt issuance - Debt issuance programmes, market-making and debt placement

  • Debt restructuring - Loan portfolio cost and risk reduction

Service offering
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