Vision and values

African Alliance vision

To build the largest and most client-centric investment banking group in Africa – 20 fully autonomous investment banks in 20 countries in 20 years.

African Alliance core values

  1. Deliver world-class customer service
    • Place customers first – without customers we cease to exist
    • Know our customers and understand their changing needs
    • Treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated
  2. No excuses
    • Be proactive and resourceful – 'Find a way!'
    • Deliver on our promises with integrity – be driven by results
    • Be courageous, make the impossible possible
  3. Raise the bar
    • Achieve the unthinkable
    • Excellence in execution, benchmarked against world-class standards
    • Zero tolerance for mediocrity
  4. Pioneering
    • Aggressively seek out new opportunities
    • Build new businesses and financial markets
    • See opportunity in adversity
  5. People focus
    • Treat colleagues with respect and dignity
    • Use our talents and work in teams to pursue ideas
    • Own our personal growth and development