Holding Company Directors

David Karran

David has been a director of African Alliance since 2005. David has also been the managing director of international fiduciary business, IQE, since 2001. David began his career in public sector accounting and audit following which he joined one of the largest independent insurance groups on the Isle of Man where he was a director of the trust and captive management companies. David is a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians and the Institute of Directors. David sits on a number of boards of substantial companies and is a director of IQE's corporate trustee company.

David is a British citizen.

Moira McHarrie

Moira has been a director of African Alliance since 2005. Moira has also been a director of international fiduciary business, IQE, since 2001. Moira started her career in medical laboratory science before joining the fiduciary services industry in 1990. Before joining IQE, Moira was operations director of a large independent corporate services provider. In addition to serving as a director and trustee for some of IQE's most substantial clients, Moira is responsible for IQE's relationship with its regulatory bodies.

Moira is a British citizen.

S’thofeni Ginindza

S’thofeni joined African Alliance in 1995. As a group partner, he is responsible for a number of group operations. He is also a senior director and chairman of a number of subsidiaries. Prior to joining the African Alliance group, S’thofeni worked as an economist for the World Bank and later as an economist for SwaziBank. He is a director of several external companies, including government entities, parastatals, and listed institutions.

S’thofeni is a Swazi citizen.

Tony de Castro

Tony is the founder of the group and has been a director since inception. Tony advises the group on strategy, drawing on his extensive experience in the banking sector spanning a wide range of banking disciplines.

Tony is a Portuguese citizen.